Services and treatments in our clinic

Dijagnostika i lečenje infertiliteta, ginekološki pregledi 3D/4D ultrazvuk, kontrole trudnoće i 4D ultrazvuk u trudnoći, ginekološke operacije


Infertility checks and personalized approach in infertility treatments.


From preventive checks to highly specialized surgical treatments of gynecological diseases.


From conception to delivery. We tailor pregnancy control for you.

IVF (in vitro fertilization)

40-years old method that resulted in more than 5 million kids born around the world.

The ovaries are stimulated by gonadotropins to obtain more matured eggs. Eggs are then aspirated from the ovaries under the ultrasound control and fertilized in the laboratory by partner’s or donor’s sperm.

A fertilized egg (embryo) is then transferred in the woman’s womb. The surplus embryos with good quality are cryopreserved and can be used later. There are two methods for fertilization in the IVF laboratory: standard IVF and intracytoplasmics microinjection (ICSI).

About us

Our goal is to be one of the leading gynecology clinics regarding quality, results and research, both in Serbia and international. This goal will be achieved by our professional staff and cooperation with the leading European clinics. Patients are always our focus and priority.