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It is important to perform a correct and thorough yet rapid fertility investigation to find the cause of infertility. We offer tailored highly skilled investigations for each couple. The investigation starts with detailed interview following by gynecological exam and ultrasound scan. The ovarian reserve, and thereby the ovarian age, is estimated by measurement of both antimullerian hormone (AMH) and ultrasound estimation of the antral follicle count (AFC). Blood test for thyroid gland function (TSH) takes. Fallopian tube patency investigates by 3D hysterosalpingosonography. The male partner leaves sperm sample that is obtained after 3 days of abstination. The sperm sample is analized for any abnormalities in quality and quantity. Both the male and female will also be tested for a number of viral and bacterial diseases.

By performing this methodological fertility investigation we can pinpoint the cause of infertility. This information is later used to recommend the most suitable treatment.